The Harrington School Parent Teacher Organization is a non-profit, volunteer organization that works to support, enhance and enrich the Harrington school experience to benefit students, faculty, staff, families and the local community.

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Should our family go to or buy everything?
NO! Participate in as much or as little as you want.

Who is a member of the HPTO?
You are! Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Staff, Community: This is YOUR organization.

Are there dues or a membership fee?
NO! There are no membership dues or forms.

Does parent and family involvement really matter?

YES!   Research shows a significant association between parent involvement and a child’s academic performance. (National Institute of Heath)

YES!   Schools with parent involvement show improved facilities, resources and programming. (National Educator’s Association)

YES!   These are our events.  We make them happen and we bring the results.

HPTO Mission

STUDENT ENRICHMENT – Special Guest Speakers and Programs that Augment and Support the Curriculum

TEACHER/STAFF APPRECIATION – Volunteering of Time, Luncheons, Provision of Supplemental Classroom Supplies and Materials

ENVIRONMENTAL SUPPORT – Playground Maintenance, Landscape and Courtyard Beautification, Physical Needs

COMMUNITY BUILDING – Picnics, Parties, Socials, Exhibitions, Celebrations, Community Read-In

COMMUNITY OUTREACH – Field Trip Scholarships, College Scholarships, Soup and Coat Drives