Harrington PTO

The Harrington School Parent Teacher Organization is a non-profit, volunteer organization that works to support, enhance and enrich the Harrington school experience to benefit students, faculty, staff, families and the local community.

Get Involved.

Stop by a Monthly Meeting

  • Support a Fundraiser or Attend an Event
  • Volunteer
  • Organize

Should our family go to or buy everything?
NO! Participate in as much or as little as you want.

Who is a member of the HPTO?
You are! Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Staff, Community: This is YOUR organization.

Are there dues or a membership fee?
NO! There are no membership dues or forms.

Does parent and family involvement really matter?

  • YES! Research shows a significant association between parent involvement and a child’s academic performance. (National Institute of Heath)
  • YES! Schools with parent involvement show improved facilities, resources and programming. (National Educator’s Association)
  • YES! These are our events.  We make them happen and we bring the results.

Harrington PTO Executive Board

  • Amanda Collison, President | Contact
  • Liz Noke – Vice President
  • Emily Sloane – Co Secretary
  • Michelle doVale-Callahah – Co Secretary
  • Roberta Andreati – Treasurer


HPTO Mission

STUDENT ENRICHMENT – Special Guest Speakers and Programs that Augment and Support the Curriculum

TEACHER/STAFF APPRECIATION – Volunteering of Time, Luncheons, Provision of Supplemental Classroom Supplies and Materials

ENVIRONMENTAL SUPPORT – Playground Maintenance, Landscape and Courtyard Beautification, Physical Needs

COMMUNITY BUILDING – Picnics, Parties, Socials, Exhibitions, Celebrations, Community Read-In

COMMUNITY OUTREACH – Field Trip Scholarships, College Scholarships, Soup and Coat Drives