About the Charles D. Harrington Elementary School

Charles D. Harrington Elementary School is one of four elementary schools within the Chelmsford Public School District. Our school services over 500 students in Kindergarten through grade four.

We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment where all students can achieve success. Our school community prides itself on educating the whole child; making sure the needs of students come first. Whether in the classroom, performing for guests, or playing at recess, we are constantly learning and growing.

Harrington Elementary School Beliefs:

-We at the Harrington School believe in the inherent goodness of every child.
-We believe in joining with parents to develop literate, thoughtful and caring citizens within a culturally diverse community.
-We believe in dedicating ourselves to meeting children’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs within a safe and healthy environment.
-We believe in considering the whole child before making educational decisions.
-We believe in collaborating with colleagues in seeking best teaching and behavioral strategies to help each child succeed.
-We believe that with our support and help students can master a challenging standards-based curriculu
-We believe in encouraging our students and staff to be risk takers and view each challenge as a learning opportunity.
-We believe in sending the message to all of our students that “We will not give up on you”.

Our dedicated faculty and staff work thoughtfully, collectively, and continuously to meet our challenges. Further, our school is enriched by devoted parents and a supportive community.

Warmest regards,

Rob Asselin, Principal